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Music: Lamaze-P / Lyrics: Lamaze-P
作曲: ラマーズP / 作詞 ラマーズP
By LamazeP; Have you come to like vegetable juice?
It's a techno-pop song! You’ll have a habit of going “Popipopipopipo-♪”

Drop List

Stage Specific

Stage Stamina Drops
1-1 5 Coid 83.jpg
1-2 5 Coid 83.jpgCoid 13.jpg
1-3 5 Coid 83.jpgCoid 82.jpg
1-4 10 Coid 83.jpgCoid 14.jpg


Materials ThreadSoulScissorsLight StoneDark Stone
Fine ThreadFine SoulFine ScissorsFine Light StoneFine Dark Stone
Gorgeous ThreadGorgeous SoulGorgeous ScissorsGorgeous Light StoneGorgeous Dark Stone
Gold Music NoteHigh Gold Music NoteKing Gold Music Note
Metal Music NoteHigh Metal Music NoteKing Metal Music Note
Cards Caid 6.jpgCaid 11.jpg
  • Carrots drop materials except King Gold Music Note / King Metal Music Note.
  • Gold Carrots drop costumes and magical items.
  • Pumpkins drop cards and King Gold Music Note / King Metal Music Note.


Normal Rare Boss
A1-A.png A1-B.png A1-Rare.png A1-Boss.png

Rare Enemy Location

Stage Location
1-1 The upper route at the first junction.
1-2 The lower route shortly after the start.
1-3 Two spawns. Both can be found towards the middle of the stage.
1-4 Two spawns.
  1. Take the lower route at the start.
  2. Take the upper route at the start then the lower route.
  • Rare enemies may occasionally spawn at the boss battle as well.
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