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Create a Transfer ID

Creating a Transfer ID is allows you to recover your account should something happen to either your device or the app itself. Transfer IDs last for 365 days upon issuing and can be used multiple times until it expires. You can issue another Transfer ID prior to the expiration date and with the same password to "refresh" the expiration date. To create one, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Go to the Menu (メニュー) found on top-right portion of the home screen.
  2. On the right column, find Data Transfer (データ引継ぎ).
  3. Tap the white button labeled Issue ID (ID発行).
  4. Create a password using only numbers and roman numerals. Password is CaSe SeNsItIve. When you're done, hit the red Issue (発行) button.
  5. The next screen will give you your User ID, the password you just entered, and the expiration date. Take a screenshot or write it down and put it somewhere safe.

These steps can also be done through the title screen as well.

Recovering/Transferring an account with a Transfer ID

If you need to switch devices for whatever reason, simply follow the steps to transfer the account to the other device.

  1. If MikuColle is freshly installed, tap the red button at the top-left to initiate Data Transfer.
  2. Enter your User ID (with no commas) and password.
  3. If done correctly, your account data should be transferred over after downloading some files.

If you've already made an account but wish to switch to another account, go back to the Data Transfer screen outlined under the Create a Transfer ID.

  1. Tap the red Data Transfer(データ引継ぎ) button
  2. Enter your User ID (with no commas) and password.
  3. If done correctly, your account data should be transferred over after rebooting the app.

Friend Codes

Each player has a unique invitation code that they can give to other people. If someone uses this code, both players will receive 3 MikuCoins and 2 SSR King Metal Music Notes. Players can find their Invitation IDs in their profiles in which they can give to other players.

  • Each account can claim only 1 code
  • Up to 40 people can use this code.

Claiming Serial Codes

  1. Tap Menu (メニュー) from the home screen (Located on the top-right)
  2. On the right-hand column, tap Campaign (キャンペーン)
  3. Tap the desired banner (noted to the side) and a browser will open
  4. Input your serial code/friend invitation code.

Useful Magical Items

Off the bat, you will want to try to obtain and rank up either Cupid's Bow and Arrow or Electric Guitar Flying V which can be found in Electric Angel and Kokoro respectively on certain stages. This item will provide decent damage and will heal you as well. The stronger your deck, the more damage will be dealt and the amount healed will be increased as well.