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Costumes provide a passive boost when worn in quests while magical items will allow the player to activate skills during battles. Players are allowed to mix and match costumes and magical items to their liking, as long as a character can equip them.

Dress Up (着せ替え)

Dress up the current active character. To confirm your selection, tap the yellow button. The button will be darkened if no changes are made, another character is wearing the costume, or if the cost is exceeded.

Change Characters(キャラクター変更)

Changes the current active character. At the start, Hatsune Miku is the only character available. By clearing quests, players can unlock more characters.

Since the V3 Major Update at August 2 17:00 JST, when clearing turotial quest in once, all the characters will be available to change anytime without limitation.

Character Unlock Condition
Unlocked by default (V3 After)

Costume Rank-up (衣装ランクアップ)

Increase the potential of costumes by ranking up costumes using copies of the costume, costume materials, and GP. Increasing the rank will increase the effectiveness of the skill of the costume. Changes will not be reflected in the skill description. As the rank of the costume increases, so does the GP, type of costume materials, and copies of the costume required to rank up the costume. Copies of costumes must be rank 1 in order to rank up the base costume

For certain magical items, increasing the rank will also increase the amount of times you can use the magical skill on a quest. Maxing the rank out of certain costumes or a magical items can also change the design as well.

Costume Index (衣装図鑑)

View all costumes and magical items that you've collected.

Costume Recycle(衣装リサイクル)

Recycle unwanted costumes and magical items for GP and costume materials. The higher the rank, the more GP and chance of higher grade costume materials.

Costume Box (衣装BOX)

View all costumes and magical items in possession. Players can lock costumes by tapping or holding down on the desired costume and tapping the lock icon. Tapping the icon again will unlock the costume.

Rank Up Materials Catalog (ランクアップ素材一覧)

View all costume materials in your possession. Players can hold a maximum of 9999 of each material.

Costume Box Expansion (衣装BOX拡張)

Expand your costume box by 5 slots for the cost of 1 MikuCoin, allowing you to hold more costumes. Tapping OK will automatically purchase an expansion. If you happen to purchase the maximum amount of slots available, all excess costumes and magical items will be sent to your gift box.

Costume Sorting

To be written

Game Features
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