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Credits to School Idol Tomodachi for the basis of the guide.

After installing, please check out the Getting Started page.


Make sure to have an e-mail address that is not registered under iTunes

  • If you don't have a Japanese iTunes account, create one by directly going to the MikuColle App itself on your computer.
    • You'll need to log off of your current iTunes account.
    • You'll need to set your iTunes to Japanese.
  • Try to download the app and you should be prompted to create an iTunes account.
  • Create an iTunes account.
  • If done correctly, when asking for your payment method, None should be an option or automatically chosen for you.
  • Use valid information when creating filling out the fields (use Google)


Notice: Using emulators or 3rd party tools can lead to the suspension of your account.


  • Under Security, check the box that says "Unknown Sources".
  • Install QooApp.
  • Search for "Miku Collection" without the quotation marks.


This method allows you to directly download Japanese apps from the Google Play store. You can also update apps as long as the Japanese Google account is linked to the device, but you aren't required to switch back to your Japanese account nor use VPN to update.

  • Download a VPN app of your choice such as Tunnelbear
  • Create a new account
  • Change the country to Japan and connect through VPN
  • Create a new Google account
    • You can skip adding payment methods and sync options.
    • You may need to add a phone number in the future, but the same phone number as your original Google account should still be okay.
    • If you plan on making purchases in any app, such as MikuColle itself, you'll need to remove and re-add your account. More information at the Shop page.
  • Switch to the newly created account
  • Search for either "mikucolle" or "ミクコレ" without the quotation marks
  • Install the game
    • You don't need to open the app while still using the VPN.
  • Turn off VPN once your done


  • If you don't use this account every so often, you may have it default back to your country after a set amount of inactivity when logging back in.