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The shop allows you to purchase more MikuCoins with real money. Players who do not live in Japan can still purchase MikuCoins, but the method varies slightly depending on whether you're an iOS or an Android user.

  • For Android, you must have either have a payment method linked to your account or funds in your Google Wallet. The amount will be converted to your nation's currency.
    • If purchasing directly through credit card, price may appear in Yen during checkout/on digital receipts.
    • If your device has multiple accounts linked onto a single device (such as making a Japanese Google Play account through the VPN method), it may default you to purchase through a different account, instead of the one with your payment information. Simply remove said account(s) and re-add it back after your purchase has been made.
      • If you used the VPN method, it'll default to the account that installed/updated the app.
  • For iOS, you'll either need a Japanese credit card or use an iTunes gift card (can be purchased at retailers such as Japan-Codes).
    • Purchases must be made on the account that installed the app.

Always Available

MikuCoins Price
1 120 Yen
6 480 Yen
12 840 Yen
30 2,000 Yen
65 3,800 Yen
90 4,800 Yen
195 9,800 Yen


Each pack can be purchased once per account. Purchase packs are reset every so often, allowing you to purchase them again.

Contents Price
First Purchase 5 MikuCoins 120 Yen
First Purchase 50 MikuCoins 1,400 Yen
Card Enhancement Pack 1,400 Yen
Contains 50 MikuCoins, 30 SSR King Metal Music Notes and 30 SSR King Gold Music Notes.
Costume Enhancement Pack 1,400 Yen
Contains 50 MikuCoins, and 10 of each costume material Lv1 ~ Lv4.
Star Medal Pack (Silver) 1,200 Yen
Contains 15 MikuCoins, 3 Star Medals, 6 Angel Fragments, and 1 SSR+ God Metal Music Note
Star Medal Pack (Gold) 4,800 Yen
Contains 90 MikuCoins, 9 Star Medals, 24 Angel Fragments, and 2 SSR+ God Metal Music Note
Star Medal Pack (Rainbow) 9,800 Yen
Contains 195 MikuCoins, 20 Star Medals, 50 Angel Fragments, and 3 SSR+ God Metal Music Note

MikuColle Pass

For more information, see MikuColle Pass A MikuColle Pass can be purchased for 600 Yen, giving the player additional login bonuses for logging in each day. A grand total of 34 MikuCoins and 60 Angel Music Note Fragments can be obtained.

Game Features
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