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Getting and Starting the Game

Where can I get the game?

The Installation section covers on how to get the game for your iOS or Android device.

The game crashes near the start/my device isn't supported

Non-NEON devices are no longer supported in the jump to Unity 5 following the 2.0.0 release regardless on whether or not you've met the minimum requirements. Even if your device does have NEON support and it still crashes, it may simply be incompatible.

Can I play on an emulator?

It is not recommended to play on an emulator. Playing on an emulator breaks the game's Terms of Service and is considered a bannable offense.

How do I play?

You can check the How To Play for a quick rundown or the gameplay section for an in-depth explanation on the various mechanics of the game.

The game feels laggy

If your device is an older model, that's to be expected. However, if you have a more up-to-date phone, the performance settings may have been defaulted to the minimum settings. You can change adjust the performance settings by tapping on メニュー > パフォーマンス設定 and adjusting the slider left and right to your liking. The top being for the home menu and the bottom for during quests.

How do I save my account/How do I transfer my account back?

Follow the guide from the Getting Started page on how to create a Transfer ID and to use it to transfer your account back, should anything happen.

Does my ID ever expire?

Yes, it expires 365 after you've issued it.

Does my ID expire after I transferred my data once?

It does not. You are free to use it as many times as you like until the expiration date.

Can I play on the same account across multiple devices?

You can not. Once your ID and password has been put into another device, the account gets unlinked from the previous device. You can continue to use the same ID and password until it expires.


What's the max amount of friends that I can have?


How do I increase my deck cost/costume cost/max stamina/friend limit?

Leveling up your user level will increase the limits for all of these. Deck cost, costume cost, and stamina will alternate with each level up.

Why aren't I making progress in daily missions?

Due to an ongoing bug, you'll need to tap the missions button to activate the daily missions each day.


Why do some quests cost 0 stamina?

All normal quests have no stamina cost until you're level 30. Event quests are excluded.

What are the icons at the top-left corner of a quest?

Those are Area Characters. Setting your character to one that matches any of the ones on the banner increases the drop rates in that quest. Bringing cards with those characters will also increase that card's stats for that quest as well.

Why can't I enter a quest?

You may not have four or more cards in your deck or the quest has been removed since the allotted time for that quest has passed.


How do I raise the skill level/star of a card?

This goes hand-in-hand with limit breaking.

Can I limit break cards under the same menu that I use to level up cards?

No you can't. You'll need to use the Limit Break menu.

What are the angel cards for?

It's used for limit breaking cards of the same rarity.

Why can't I put a card in my deck?

You might've exceeded your deck cost. Either remove some cards or use lower-cost cards. Level up to increase your deck cost.

Characters and Costumes

How do I unlock characters?

As you clear normal quests, new characters are unlocked. You can see the unlock conditions here.

Is there a point to ranking up costumes?

The effects of costumes and items are increased with each rank. These are not reflected in the skill description, however.

I can't wear a costume! Why?

One of the following may have occurred

  • You've hit your costume cost limit. Switch out to lower-costing costumes or level up your user level.
  • Someone else is wearing it. Simply unequip the character wearing it.
  • Due to sorting options, you may have displayed costumes that the character you're equipping costumes on can't equip.


Why isn't the event gacha banner available even when it should be?

Remember that all times are situated in Japan Standard Time(JST) or UTC+9 so while it may be available in your timezone, the gacha's availability might have passed.

If it actually should be available but you're simply not seeing it, you may need to set your time temporarily to JST/UTC+9 since gacha banners seem to appear using your device's current time. Ways on setting your device's time varies depending on your firmware and firmware version.

Will cards from the (event)-gacha return?

It's up to the developers on whether or not they feel like bringing it back.