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Players can obtain new cards by drawing from any of the gacha banners currently available. Other than Cheer Point Gacha (previously referred to as Yell Point Gacha), all gachas require the use of MikuCoins. 5 MikuCoins allows you to do a single-draw and 50 MikuCoins allows you to do a 10+1 draw. Doing a 10+1 draw will always guarantees at least 1 SR or greater rarity card.

Cheer Point Gacha

SSR:  0.21%
SR+:  0.02%
SR :  1.90%
R+ :  0.87%
R  : 11.00%
N+ : 39.00%
N  : 47.00%

Normal gacha that uses Cheer Points (previously referred to as Yell Points), which can be obtained through login bonuses and completing quests with Friend cards. Other than the common Normal and Normal+ cards, players can also draw material cards and several new cards that have been added through Rainbow Rush. Cheer Point Gacha is also the only gacha where you can draw exclusive Monthly SRs that can only be obtained through login bonuses. This gacha costs 200 Cheer Points per draw, and up to 2000 for a 10-draw (lower values will appear in place of the 10-draw should you have less than 2000 Cheer Points). A full list of cards that can be drawn from Premium Gacha can be found on the Yell Gacha probability page (JP)

During certain events, a limited time gacha where R rarity cards or greater can be drawn from Cheer gacha (up to SSR/SSR+, depending on the gacha). The cost is then increased to 2000 pts for a single-draw or 20000 pts for a ten-draw.

Premium Gacha

SSR+:  0.50%
SSR :  3.00%
SR+ :  4.00%
SR  :  7.50%
R+  : 37.00%
R   : 48.00%

Standard premium gacha banner that is almost always available. Most new cards introduced through limited gachas such as Rainbow Rush are added to premium gacha unless otherwise stated. A full list of cards that can be drawn from Premium Gacha can be found on the Premium Gacha probability page

Monday Free Gacha

You will need to set your time to JST/UTC+9 to see this gacha.
A gacha held every Monday between 8:00 and 23:59 JST. This lets you have one free go at Premium Gacha with the same rates and cards available in the gacha.

Start Dash Gacha

SSR+: 3.00%
SSR : 97.00%

Players can draw in the Start Dash gacha once per account for 5 MikuCoins and is guaranteed one SSR rarity or greater card.

Since V3 Major Update on August 2nd, 2018, newly-created users should execute this gacha within 7 days.

A full list of cards that can be drawn from Start Dash Gacha can be found on the Start Dash probability page

Since V3.0.9 Update on January 24th, 2019, this following rules for this gacha will be applied:

  • Execution type from a single draw (5 MikuCoins) to a eleven-straight draw (10 MikuCoins).
  • At least one SSR+ card will be drawn. (Basic Rarity Guarantee is still SSR)

Limited Gacha

SSR+:  1.00%
SSR :  3.00%
SR+ :  4.00%
SR  :  7.50%
R+  : 37.00%
R   : 47.50%

Gachas that usually appear during certain events for a specific period of time. Newly introduced cards will have a better chance at being drawn and these cards are commonly given a stat boost when taken on the respective event quests, commonly marked with a ★ at the beginning of the name. Depending on the gacha type, new cards may or may not be added to Premium Gacha. The most common types of limited gachas are

  • Rainbow Rush & Star Rainbow Rush
  • Character-only Gacha (often during Challenge Quest and during a character's birthday)
  • Themed gachas based around the event

One-Time Limited Gacha

Special versions of limited gachas where it'll cost 100 MikuCoins to pull in this gacha, but with the following features

  • All cards are SR or greater
  • 1 card is guaranteed SSR or greater
  • Increased rates
SSR+:  ?
SSR :  ?
SR+ :  ?
SR  :  ?

There are other variants where you can draw from the gacha more than once, reduced MikuCoin cost, and such.

For more information on Rainbow Rush, please see MikuFes
For more information on Star Rainbow Rush, please see Star Rainbow Rush

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