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Home Screen

Home screen new.jpg
  1. Active Character
  2. EXP (Current/Next Level)
  3. Stamina (Current/Max Stamina) - Stamina refills 1 point every 5 minutes
  4. Current GP (Max 9,999,999)
  5. Current MikuCoins
  6. Current Level
  7. Event/Gacha ticker
  8. Menu
  9. Announcements
  10. Present
  11. Items
  12. Exchange Shop
  13. Bulletin Board (Opens the Lobi group)
  14. Active character's current outfit
  15. Screenshot
  16. Event/Gacha banners
  17. Missions
  18. Home / Home Settings (When on the home screen)
  19. Quest
  20. Card/Costume
  21. Gacha
  22. Shop


Home menu.jpg
Friends BGM Settings
Settings Performance Settings
Profile Data Transfer
Help Campaign
Purchase History Terms of Service
Inquiry Credit
To the Title Screen

Home Settings

Tapping on the home settings button will open up a new window where you can select any of the unlock characters to hang out on your home screen. They'll be wearing whatever costume you had on them last. You can also change the background by pushing the button below the six characters and selecting any of the available backgrounds available. The background will also change depending on the time of day (based on Japan time).

Icon Name Availability
Bg default.png Default --
Bg town.png Night Town --
Bg sea.png Summer Sea August 31 2017
Game Features
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