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Singing Power (歌唱力) - Damage dealing stat. The higher the Singing Power, the more damage that card will deal.
Defense (防御力) - Damage reducing stat. The higher the Defense, the less damage a card will take.
HP - Hit Points. Each card contributes to the deck's total HP.
Leader Card (リーダーカード) - The first card in the deck. The leader card gets a 50% increase in all stats rounded down.
Friend Card (フレンドカード) - Helper card that is chosen before entering a quest. Like the leader card, friend cards will also get a 50% increase all stats rounded down. There is no penalty in choosing helper cards that are not on your friends list.
Unit Cards (ユニットカード) - Cards that have multiple characters on a single card. These cards can't gain any stat boosts from Area Character bonuses.


All cards and enemies have attributes tied to them, letting them deal more or less damage to the target and receiving more or less damage.

Icon Attribute
Icon mars.png Mars
Strong against Jupiter, weak against Mercury.
Icon mercury.png Mercury
Strong against Mars, weak against Jupiter.
Icon jupiter.png Jupiter
Strong against Mercury, weak against Mars.
Icon sun.png Sun
Is strong against Moon, but also weak against Moon.
Icon moon.png Moon
Is strong against Sun, but also weak against Sun.
Icon null.png Null
Is neither weak or strong against any attribute.

Card Menu

Deck Formation (デッキ編成)

Deck formation
1. Automatic Formation - This will automatically generate a deck for you based on the criteria you've set. You can choose what characters to include in your deck and whether or not you want to make a deck based on Singing Power, Defense, or HP.
2. Multiple Selection - Allows you to quickly select up to 9 cards to put in your deck. Tapping the white Reset(リセット) button will clear all selected cards. Tap the OK button to continue.
3. Set as Main - This will be the deck the game defaults to before entering a quest. Leader cards set on the main deck will be the card other people will see and use when choosing you for their Friend card.
4. Your deck’s total Singing Power
5. Your deck’s total Defense
6. Your deck’s total HP
7. Your deck’s cost. The left is your current cost and the right is your maximum cost. You can increase the card cost as you level up your user level.

Players can select up to 9 cards of their liking to place in their deck as long as they don't exceed the maximum deck cost. Decks require at least 3 cards to be taken on a quest (3 from your deck + a Friend card).

Card Strengthening (カード強化)

Players can level their cards through the Card Strengthening menu. Simply select a base card to level up and cards you wish to use to provide experience to the base card. Using material cards such as Metal Music Notes will provide a greater amount of experience, with higher rarities giving out even more experience. You can select up to 20 cards at once to fuse into a single card. The expected level will be indicated in red, prior to any experience boosts from Large and Super Success. Cards used to level the base card for Card Enhancement will disappear forever, so please double-check the cards you plan on using! As the level of the card increases, so does the amount of EXP and GP required to level up the card.

Occasionally, Large Success (大成功) and Super Success (超成功) will appear, granting even more experience

Limit Break (限界突破)

Limit Break with a copy of a card and an Angel Music Note

Limit Breaking allows you to increase the rank of a card, which raises the level cap by 10 and the skill level by 1, up to a maximum of 4 times. Players can use either an exact copy of the card, an Angel Music Note of matching rarity, or a combination of both. Limit breaking cards with different ranks will only increase the base card by one. Cards used to limit break the base card will dissapear forever, so please double-check the cards you plan on using! Players need to be under the Limit Break to perform Limit Break.

Certain SSR+ cards will have red stars at the bottom-left corner. By maxing out the rank of the card, the illustration of the card will change.

Power-up (パワーアップ)

Power-up your favorite cards by using scores under the Power-up menu. Scores allow the player to increase the stats of a card up to max limit of 1000 per stat. There are three different types of scores available

Score Effect
Icon song score.png Singing Score
Increases Singing Power by 10.
Icon defense score.png Defense Score
Increases Defense by 10.
Icon hp score.png Life Score
Increases HP by 10.

The max number of scores per stat that can be used on a card depends on how many limit breaks have been performed on that card. The more limit breaks, the greater number of scores you can use. An indicator will be displayed right next to the stat telling you the current bonuses applied through scores and how much remains.

No. of
Limit Breaks
Max no. of
scores per stat
0 +20 scores per stat
(+200 pts per stat)
1 +40 scores per stat
(+400 pts per stat)
2 +60 scores per stat
(+600 pts per stat)
3 +80 scores per stat
(+800 pts per stat)
4 +100 scores per stat
(+1000 pts per stat)

When viewing the details of a card (through card box or by holding down on the card), any bonuses applied to a card will be displayed in red.

Card Selling (カード売却)

Sell unwanted cards for GP. Gold Music Note cards sell for the most GP and higher rarity cards will sell for even more GP. Up to 20 cards can be selected at a time. A confirmation box will appear if you want to sell R rarity or higher cards, even material cards. Selling non-material cards will net you card medals as well. For more information, please see the card medal section under Exchange Shop

Card BOX (カードBOX)

See all the cards you currently possess. Under this option, you have the ability to lock cards, preventing you from accidentally selling, using it as Card Enhancement or limit break material. You can still use locked cards as the base for Card Enhancement and limit breaking. To lock cards, simply tap or hold down one of the cards and tap Lock Set (ロック設定). When you back out, you will notice a lock on the top-left corner of the card. To release the lock, go back to the card and tap Lock Release (ロック解除)

Card Index (カード図鑑)

View all the cards you’ve obtained so far. All cards you have yet to obtain will be blank.

Card Box Expansion (カードBOX拡張)

Expand your card box by 5 slots with the cost of 1 MikuCoin, allowing you to hold more even more cards. Tapping OK will automatically confirm your purchase. If you expand your card box to the maximum amount, any excess cards after hitting the limit will be sent to your gift box.

Card Sorting

To be written

Game Features
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