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Material Quests, also known as Daily Quests, are quests that appear on certain days or certain times to collect costume materials, Metal Music Notes for card strengthening EXP, and Gold Music Notes for GP. Songs used in these stages are commonly found on KARENT and the Miku-Pack magazine series.

Material Quests

  • All costume material quests are now permanently opened as of December 28, 2016
Day Quest Materials
Monday The Wonder Forest (ふしぎな森) Thread
Tuesday The Secret Cave (ヒミツの洞窟) Light Stone
Wednesday The Soul Sky (魂の空) Soul
Thursday The Secret Cave (ヒミツの洞窟) Dark Stone
Friday The Night Town (夜の街) Scissors
The Mystery Space (なぞの宇宙) Gold Music Note

The Mystery Space

Both The Mystery Space (Gold) The Mystery Space (Metal) quests will appear four times every day for one hour during the times specified below. The Mystery Space (Gold) will not follow these times on Saturday, Sunday, and during MikuFes as the quest will be open all day. During MikuFes, The Mystery Space (Metal) will appear seven times per day, until the end of MikuFes.

Occasion Open during
Daily 08:00~08:59 | 12:00~12::59 | 15:00~15::59 | 22:00~22:59
Does not apply to The Mystery Space (Gold) on Sat/Sun
During MikuFes 08:00~08:59 | 10:00~:10:59 | 12:00~12:59 | 15:00~15::59 | 17:00~17::59 | 20:00~20:59 | 23:00~23:59
The Mystery Space (Metal) only.
All day until the end of MikuFes
The Mystery Space (Gold) only.
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Materials The Wonder Forest · The Secret Cave (Tuesday) · The Soul Sky · The Secret Cave (Thursday) · The Night Town · The Mystery Space
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