Charging☆Wild Boar Piglet

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Charging☆Wild Boar Piglet
Initial Max Rank
Charging Wild Boar Piglet.jpg Charging Wild Boar Piglet Max.jpg
Index No.
Max Rank ★5
Type Right Hand
Cost 10 (Max 14)
Worn By UIMiku.jpgUIRin.jpgUILen.jpgUILuka.jpgUIKaito.jpgUIMeiko.jpg
Deals random moderate damage to all enemies and is guaranteed to inflict Deadly Poison.
How to obtain:
The Return of the MikuColle Exploration Party


Kyouga Shinshun / Shoumon Raifuku
Hairstyle Kyouga Shinshun Miku.jpg Kyouga Shinshun Rin.jpg Shoumon Raifuku Len.jpg Kyouga Shinshun Luka.jpg Shoumon Raifuku Kaito.jpg Kyouga Shinshun Meiko.jpg
Costume Kyouga Shinshun.jpg Shoumon Raifuku.jpg
Magical Item Charging Wild Boar Piglet.jpg Good Fortunes Ema.jpg New Year Celebration Sea Bream.jpg