Kyouga Shinshun (MEIKO)

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Kyouga Shinshun
Initial Max Rank
Kyouga Shinshun Meiko.jpg Kyouga Shinshun Meiko Max.jpg
Index No.
Max Rank ★5
Type Hairstyle
Cost 10 (Max 14)
Worn By UIMeiko.jpg
Costume Effect
Increases the effectiveness of HP recovery skills by 22%
How to obtain:
New Years Good Fortune! Fortune Collection on a Treasure Ship

Rank Up Materials
Rank Materials Costume GP
2 Scissorsx7 Threadx7 Dark Stonex3 Light Stonex3 Soulx14 1 3900
3 Fine Scissorsx7 Fine Threadx7 Fine Dark Stonex3 Fine Light Stonex3 Fine Soulx14 2 39000
4 Gorgeous Scissorsx7 Gorgeous Threadx7 Gorgeous Dark Stonex3 Gorgeous Light Stonex3 Gorgeous Soulx14 3 100000
5 (Max) Rainbow Scissorsx7 Rainbow Threadx7 Rainbow Dark Stonex3 Rainbow Light Stonex3 Rainbow Soulx14 4 200000
Kyouga Shinshun / Shoumon Raifuku
Hairstyle Kyouga Shinshun Miku.jpg Kyouga Shinshun Rin.jpg Shoumon Raifuku Len.jpg Kyouga Shinshun Luka.jpg Shoumon Raifuku Kaito.jpg Kyouga Shinshun Meiko.jpg
Costume Kyouga Shinshun.jpg Shoumon Raifuku.jpg
Magical Item Kaiun Kumade.jpg Banpuku Hyoutan.jpg Kamitsuki Shishimai.jpg
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