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Add some variety in your name by adding a title! Titles are placed above your name for other players to see.

Setting a Title

Setting titles can be done by tapping the Menu(メニュー) > Profile (プロフィール) ->Titles (称号).

To remove the title, you can simply tap the blank title to remove it.


You can mix and match various parts of sub and main titles as you see fit. All meanings are not provided for certain words that have multiple definitions.


These titles are placed on the front (left).

Title Meaning
ミク Miku
リン Rin
レン Len
ルカ Luka
メロピィ Melopy
なぞ Mystery
イベント Event
ライブ Live
As in live show, concert, etc.
ミクコレ MikuColle
ありったけ All that one has; all that there is
ちょっと A little; a bit
Just a moment
なかよし Close friend
公園 Park
逆襲 Counterattack
駆け出し Novice; Beginner
伝説 Tradition; Legend; Folklore
限界 Limit; bound
かわいい Cute
きれい Pretty; Lovely
Clean; Neat
クール Cool
キュート Cute
ぼく I (Boku)
わたし I (Watashi)
あなた You
受け身 Defensive
Ukemi (The part of falling safely)
優柔不断 Indecisiveness
メリー Merry
スノー Snow
そこそこ Reasonably; Fair
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熟練 Skill; Proficiency
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圧倒的 Overwhelming
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はじまり Beginning
Clear Beginning Planet
Cherry Blossoms
Clear Cherry Blossom Planet
火山 Volcano
Clear Volcano Planet


Conjunctions tie the sub and main titles together to create a sentence or phrase. Some of these listed below are also known as particles. Some research is required for a proper explanation on how some of these work other than the bare-bones explanation provided here. Not all uses are listed here.

Title Meaning
Example sentence:レンの夢 (Len's Dream)
Shows location / direction of motion.
Subject marker.
Example sentence:ミクが大好き (I love Miku)
For Na-adjectives, verbs, and phrases.
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These titles are placed in the back (right).

Title Meaning
ミク Miku
リン Rin
レン Len
ルカ Luka
メロピィ Melopy
音楽すい星 Music Comet
隊長 Commanding Officer
探検隊 Exploration party; Expedition team
応援団長 Cheerleader
参加予定 Plan to Participate
惑星 Planet
大好き Love
お休み中 Taking a break
推し Oshi
___ Fan/Fan of ___
部屋 Room
一人 One Person
記念日 Commemoration day; Anniversary
ルーキー Rookie
マスター Master
シンガー Singer
ミライ Future
愛好家 Lover; Enthusiast; Fan
先生 Teacher; Doctor
ありがとう Thank you
優等生 Honor student
勉強中 Studying
お腹すいた (___ is/I'm) hungry
クリスマス Christmas
サンタクロース Santa Claus
初心者 Beginner
Reach User Lv 3
音楽 Music
Reach User Lv 6
魔法使い Magician; Wizard; Witch
Reach User Lv 12
音楽家 Musician
Reach User Lv 24

Reach User Lv 39
正義 Justice; right
Reach User Lv 48
愛好家 Lover; Enthusiast; Fan
Reach User Lv 96
Clique; Faction; School
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優等生 Honor Student
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貴公子 Young noble; Noble youth
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Restrictive titles function slightly different than normal titles in which you can't make combinations. They instead, however, make complete phrases of their own.

Title Meaning
初音ミクぐらふぃコレクション Hatsune Miku Graphy Collection
フレンド募集中 Recruiting friends
For players who are looking to add more players to their friends list.