Stick Light (Red)

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Stick Light (Red)
Initial Max Rank
Stick Light Red.png Stick Light Red Max.png
Index No.
Max Rank ★5
Type Left Hand
Cost 10 (Max 14)
Worn By UIMiku.jpgUIRin.jpgUILen.jpgUILuka.jpgUIKaito.jpgUIMeiko.jpg
Red Rhapsody
Increases the Singing Power of all MEIKO cards by 20%.
How to obtain:
Guild Battle

Noble Idol
Hairstyle Noble Idol Miku.png Noble Idol Rin.png Noble Idol Len.png Noble Idol Luka.png Noble Idol Kaito.png Noble Idol Meiko.png
Costume Noble Idol Girls.png Noble Idol Boys.png
Magical Item Coid 88.jpg Stick Light Orange.png Stick Light Yellow.png Stick Light Pink.png Stick Light Blue.png Stick Light Red.png