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View certain items that you've obtained through the game. Tapping on each tab will switch the type of items available to you.


You can check the total number of various items used throughout the game here. With the exception of gacha tickets, items never expire.

Item Use Obtain
Cheer Pts Used in Cheer Pt Gacha Login bonus, earned when using Friend cards.
Card Medals Used in the Card Medal tab of the exchange shop
Has a max cap at 99999.
Selling R rarity cards or higher.
MikuCoin Fragments Exchange for MikuCoins Daily missions
Angel Fragments Exchange for Angel Music Notes used for limit breaking. Daily missions, Exchange Shop during certain events, mission reward during certain events, login bonus when the MikuColle Pass has been purchased.
Costume Material Fragments Exchange for costume materials of your choice Login Bonus
Gacha Ticket Allows you to draw in a gacha of your choosing.
Expires 7 days after being claimed. See note below
Login Bonus, event rewards, event exchange.
Ranking Medals Used in the Ranking Medal banner for exclusive goods, such as costumes. Tiering in events.
Star Medals Exchange for costumes from previous events. Purchased from the shop tab during Star MikuFes.
Stamina Recovery Recovers 100 stamina.
Max stamina caps at 999
Daily mission reward. Login during the following times and claim:
  • 6:00 ~ 4:00 JST
  • 12:00 ~ 4:00 JST
  • 18:00 ~ 4:00 JST
  • Login bonus gacha tickets are automatically claimed upon logging in.
  • Stamina recovery takes place the moment they're claimed.


You can check the total number of items that you've obtained in events or limited time campaigns. Tapping on the button next to an item will take you directly to the exchange shop to spend those items or to the gacha page to spend the tickets. The banner for event exchange shops will close after a certain period of time, preventing you from exchanging items for goods, so make sure to spend the items before the deadline.

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