Sakura Branch

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Sakura Branch
Initial Max Rank
Coid 137.jpg Coid 137 max.jpg
Index No. 137
Max Rank
Type Left Hand
Worn By UIMiku.jpgUIRin.jpgUILen.jpgUILuka.jpgUIKaito.jpgUIMeiko.jpg
Sakura dance
Renders all enemies powerless for a single turn and a chance to inflict poison.
How to obtain:
Sakura Miku 2015
Cherry Blossom Viewing Festival
Rank Up Materials
Rank Materials Costume GP
2 Soulx20 Fine Soulx1 1 5000
3 Fine Soulx15 Gorgeous Soulx5 2 10000
4 Soulx30 Fine Soulx30 Gorgeous Soulx30 3 50000
5 (Max) Soulx50 Fine Soulx50 Gorgeous Scissorsx50 Rainbow Soulx15 3 150000
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