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Rerolling is a common term in regards to mobile games where the player creates new accounts and drawing in gacha for their favorite characters or strongest cards/units which will help them out in more challenging content. In MikuColle,

How To Reroll

  1. Install the game.
  2. Complete the tutorial.
  3. Collect MikuCoins in Present box
    1. Optional - Clear quests for additional MikuCoins
  4. Draw in gacha.
    1. If you got your desired card(s), you're done! Remember to create a Transfer ID.
    2. If not, move to step 4.
  5. Delete game data doing any of the following methods (Pick 1)
    1. Clear game cache (steps vary depending on OS)
    2. Uninstall and Reinstall the game
  6. Go back to Step 2.

Due to MikuColle using micro downloads, rerolling accounts can be done pretty quickly.

When to Reroll

A good time to reroll is during MikuFes where Rainbow Rush gacha is available, containing several Rainbow Rush exclusive cards.

Event gachas . Character-Only gachas (during birthdays and Challenge Quest) also contains some cards from previous event gachas and Rainbow Rush exclusive cards.

It is strongly recommended to not roll in Premium Gacha as the rates for an SSR+ is always at 0.50%.

Recommended Cards

Several cards in the game tend to share skills but with different names or have nearly identical skills with minor differences.

Some recommended cards are ones have similar skills to Budding Singing Voice or REGAL DIGNITY (buffing cards) and Colorize Singing Voice, Divine Voice (damage skill that attacks all enemies) or Light Sound Kagamine Rin (Single-target consecutive attack). Debuffing cards (primarily Singing Power variants) similar to Prism Star and Maid Miku can be useful as well.