Poinsettia Season

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Poinsettia Season
Illustrator: 猫魚
Index No. 726 Attr.
Character Unit
Rarity SR
Cost 22
Value when sold
GP 2000
Card Medal(s) 10
HP 854
Singing Power 667
Defense 758
Max Lv: 80
HP 1476
Singing Power 1363
Defense 1550
Limit Break ★4: 120
HP 2876
Singing Power 2246
Defense 2554
Lets Celebrate! (お祝いしよう!) Skill Point:
Deals random light consecutive damage to all enemies
Obtained: Cheer Point Gacha Yes Premium Gacha No Limited Gacha Only No
December 2015 login bonus
Yell Point gacha during December 2015
Yell Point gacha during January 2015