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Group up with other users in a guild! A guild can house up to 20 members.

Creating a Guild

Creating a guild will appoint you as the guild leader. You'll be able to set various settings as the guild leader.

  • Guild Name - The guild name, up to 10 characters. Can not be changed after the guild has been created.
  • Activity- Choose from any of the following below - The leader may change this at any point
    • まったり - Casual
    • そこそこ - So-so
    • がちがち - Workaholic
  • Automatic Approval - Can be changed by the leader
    • When turned off, the leader will be able to accept and decline applicants.
    • When turned on, any players who apply will become a member automatically.

Joining a Guild

Applying to Join

You can apply to join a guild by inputting in the Guild ID. Note that only one invite can be sent at a time and the application will expire after a week. If the invite expires, you cancel the application, or if the application is refused, you can send another.

Accepting an Invite

From the Player's Perspective

Should you not be in a guild, you may be scouted by one of your friends on your friends list. You can double check on the Guild Application/Scout menu.

From the Leader's Perspective

From the Friend menu, you can scout any player in your friends list to be added to your guild.

Guild Overview


You can view info of the guild here. Depending on whether you're a guild leader or just a member, some information is omitted.

  • Guild ID - Used for searching guilds.
  • Members - Lists members / max number of members.
  • Guild Leader - The leader of the guild. Has the ability to controls all aspects of the guild, including approving and kicking members.
  • Automatic Approval - You automatically join if this is set to on. Otherwise approval is required by the leader.


Note that only the leader can see the Awaiting Approval and Scout menu.

  • Greetings List - Current guild info is displayed here. Stamps can also be sent through here.
  • Member Info - View the status of members, including recent login and total strength.
  • Awaiting Approval - Players who wish to join.
  • Scout - Members currently being scouted.
  • Stamps - Send stamps as greetings! Please note that you can't send a stamp for another 5 minutes. Stamps can be earned from missions, events, etc.

Disbanding a Guild & Leaving a Guild

At almost any point you can leave or disband your current Guild. Leaving a guild may have some temporary restrictions, depending on how you left the guild.

  • Please note that you are unable to leave/disband during guild events.

For Leaders

You can't join or create a new guild within 24 hours of disbanding the guild.

For Guild Members

You Left

You can't join or create a new guild within 24 hours of leaving.

Leader Disbanded

You may immediately join or create a new guild.

Leader Kicked You

You may immediately join or create a new guild.