Electric Guitar Flying V

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Electric Guitar Flying V
エレキギター フライングV
Initial Max Rank
Index No. 91
Max Rank ★4
Type Right Hand
Cost 10 (Max 1)
Worn By
Drain Voice SP
Deals large damage to all enemies and heals.
How to obtain:
Damage dealt to enemies and HP recovery is based on your deck's Singing Power upon activation. The higher the Singing Power, including buffs, the more damage that will be dealt and HP that will be recovered.
Rank Up Materials
Rank Materials Costume GP
2 Scissorsx4 Threadx10 Light Stonex4 Soulx2 1 500
3 Fine Scissorsx10 Fine Threadx20 Fine Light Stonex10 Soulx2 2 1000
4 (Max) Gorgeous Scissorsx10 Gorgeous Threadx20 Gorgeous Light Stonex10 Soulx4 3 2500