Crimson Sorceress MEIKO

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Crimson Sorceress MEIKO
深紅の魔導士 MEIKO
Illustrator: ピスケ
Index No. 1068 Attr. Icon mars.png
Character MEIKO
Rarity SSR+
Cost 68
Value when sold
GP 90000
Card Medal(s) 300
Singing Power
Max Lv: 100
HP 3314
Singing Power 2454
Defense 3065
Limit Break ★4: 140
HP 5787
Singing Power 4285
Defense 5352
Crimson Baptism (深紅の洗礼) Skill Point: 600
Shortens the skill activation time for all cards and reduces their cool down by 1 turn.
Obtained: Cheer Point Gacha No Premium Gacha No Limited Gacha Only Yes