Calling Forth the Prince's Song

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Calling Forth the Prince's Song
Caid 382.jpg
Illustrator: ICA
Index No. 382 Attr. Icon random.png
Character KAITO
Rarity SSR+
Cost 45
Value when sold
GP 90000
Card Medal(s) 300
HP 421
Singing Power 1596
Defense 1385
Max Lv: 100
HP 895
Singing Power 3396
Defense 3008
Limit Break ★4: 140
HP 1411
Singing Power 5380
Defense 4748
Blue Doublestop L (蒼の重音奏L) Skill Point:
Deals large damage to all enemies and heals
Obtained: Cheer Point Gacha No Premium Gacha No Limited Gacha Only Yes