Bunny Pajamas (Luka)

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Bunny Pajamas
Initial Max Rank
Coid 319.jpg Coid 319 max.jpg
Index No. 319
Max Rank ★5
Type Hairstyle
Cost 10 (Max 14)
Worn By UILuka.jpg
Increases the GP Obtained From Quests
Increases the GP obtained from quests by 50%. (Ranking up further increases the amount)
How to obtain:
Romeo and Cinderella
Rank Up Materials
Rank Materials Costume GP
2 Scissorsx10 Threadx10 Soulx10 1 3900
3 Fine Scissorsx10 Fine Threadx10 Fine Soulx10 1 39000
4 Gorgeous Scissorsx10 Gorgeous Threadx10 Gorgeous Soulx10 2 100000
5 (Max) Rainbow Scissorsx10 Rainbow Threadx10 Rainbow Soulx10 3 200000