Argyle Umbrella

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Argyle Umbrella
傘 アーガイル
Initial Max Rank
Argyle Umbrella.png Argyle Umbrella Max.png
Index No.
Max Rank ★4
Type Left Hand
Cost 10 (Max 14)
Worn By UIMiku.jpgUIRin.jpgUILen.jpgUILuka.jpgUIKaito.jpgUIMeiko.jpg
Diamond Drop
Increases the Singing Power of all cards for 2 turns.
How to obtain:
Guild Battle
Catharsis=Nurse/Catharsis Doctor & Patterned Umbrellas
Hairstyle Catharsis=Nurse Miku.png Catharsis=Nurse Rin.png Catharsis=Doctor Len.png Catharsis=Nurse Luka.png Catharsis=Doctor Kaito.png Catharsis=Nurse Meiko.png
Costume Catharsis=Nurse Girls.png Catharsis=Doctor Boys.png
Magical Item Checkered Umbrella.png Argyle Umbrella.png Star Pattern Umbrella.png Flower Pattern Umbrella.png Striped Umbrella.png