Guild Battle

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Work together with your guild and challenge and defeat bosses to earn guild medals!

Rounds & Bonus Effects

Cards from the accompanying gacha for each Guild Battle will have the following effects applied to them. While old cards can be made available in future gachas, they will not have the bonus effects during the event unless they're newly introduced.

Rarity +% Increase
SSR Singing Power +200%
Defense +100%
Singing Power of all cards in your deck +50% if set as your Leader card
SSR+ Singing Power +400%
Defense +100%
Singing Power of all cards in your deck +100% if set as your Leader card
  • Friend cards will only have the other effects added
  • Leader card bonuses you set will also apply to your Friend card.

Round 1

  • June 17 ~ June 24
Rarity Card
SSR+ 1080219.png2080061.png3080052.png4080061.png5080055.png6080049.png
SSR 7070105.png7070106.png
  • Was originally held between May 14 ~ May 23 but was suspended due to issues.

Round 2

  • July 16 ~ July 23
Rarity Card
SSR+ 1080224.png2080065.png3080054.png4080063.png5080057.png6080053.png
SSR 7070109.png7070110.png

Round 3

  • August 13 ~ August 20
Rarity Card
SSR+ 1080227.png2080067.png3080056.png4080067.png5080062.png6080055.png
SSR 7070113.png7070114.png

Round 4

  • September 11 ~ September 20
Rarity Card
SSR+ 1080239.png1080240.png2080070.png3080061.png4080073.png5080065.png6080058.png
SSR 7070119.png7070120.png

Round 5

  • October 15 ~ October 23
Rarity Card
SSR+ 1080248.png2080073.png3080065.png4080076.png5080068.png6080061.png
SSR 7070125.png7070126.png

Round 6

  • November 15 ~ November 22
Rarity Card
SSR+ 1080252.png2080077.png3080067.png4080078.png5080070.png6080065.png
SSR 7070129.png7070130.png

Round 7

  • December 23 ~ December 30
Rarity Card
SSR+ 1080258.png
  • Starting Round 7, different bonus effects take place
    • 100% increase to all card's Singing Power if Mature Style Girl was set as the leader
    • 100% increase to all Miku card's Singing Power that are in your deck

Round 8

  • January 22 ~ January 30
Card(S) Effect
2080082.png 100% increase to all stats
Rin cards
100% increase to Singing Power

Guild Battles

Number of Challenges

In order to fight bosses, you'll need to use up Challenges. You are given 1 free daily. After spending 100 stamina in any quest, you are given 1 extra challenge. You can earn a total of 2 extra challenges per day, with a grand total of 3 challenges per day. All applicable quests that use up stamina apply. This limit resets daily at 4:00 JST.

  • For the second image starting on the second block of text
    • The number of challenges remaining
    • The amount of stamina left to earn more challenges (Max of 200)

Boss Info

Tapping on the (i) mark will show you detailed information about the boss. Edit your deck in accordance to the bosses attack patterns!


Defeating all bosses will put you in the next lap, with the bosses getting stronger! After the 10th lap, bosses will loop.


  • All battles have a 10-turn limit. Regardless of whether the boss is defeated or not, the battle will end after 10 turns.
  • After a battle is over, the remaining HP will be available for both you and your guild members.
  • If a guild member defeats a boss while you're in a battle, then your challenges do not get deducted and no cards restrictions take place.
  • Even if you have turns remaining, these will not carry over to the next boss.
  • Rewards are handed out differently depending on when the boss was defeated.
    • If you defeat the boss, the reward is given to you immediately.
    • If a guild member defeats the boss, you are given the rewards after accessing the event screen.
  • If you are in a battle and daily reset occurs (4:00 JST), that battle will not count!
  • Note that no rewards are given to you if you don't participate the event (deal damage to the boss).
    • Even if your guild wins rewards, you won't be rewarded if you've not participated.

Cards & Deck Organization

Editing your Deck

Editing your deck for this event is done before you go into battle, it can not be done through the card menu. Simply tap on the + icons to add cards in your deck.

  • It'll be easier to organize your deck in the future.

Card Restrictions

After a card has been used in guild battles, it can't be used until 4:00 JST the following day. To double check, what cards can or can't be used, tap the カード使用状況 button on the Guild Battle screen.

  • If you own multiple copies of the same card, they are considered to be different cards. The restriction will only apply if that particular copy of the card has been used.

Friend Cards

The Friend card that you set for your guild members to use will be the leader card in Deck 1. Should you already use Deck 1, you are unable to edit the deck until the following reset (4:00 JST). If you have yet to set your deck for the event, then your Leader card for your main deck will be used instead.

You are only allowed to select friend cards from those that are in your guild.

  • You can't choose the same friend card for Guild Battles until 4:00.
  • If there are no guild members, then you are unable to select a Friend card

Guild Medals

Earn guild medals from defeating bosses, clearing missions, and by ranking. You can exchange them for costumes, magical items, and other goods. Guild medals will carry over to the next event.


Progress is made to all members of your guild at the same time during the event.

Mission Reward
Defeat 1 boss GuildMedal.png x3
Defeat 2 bosses GuildMedal.png x3
Defeat 3 bosses GuildMedal.png x3
Defeat 4 bosses GuildMedal.png x3
Defeat 5 bosses GuildMedal.png x3
Defeat 6 bosses GuildMedal.png x3
Defeat 7 bosses GuildMedal.png x3
Defeat 8 bosses GuildMedal.png x3
Defeat 9 bosses GuildMedal.png x3
Defeat 10 bosses GuildMedal.png x3
Defeat 12 bosses GuildMedal.png x3
Defeat 15 bosses GuildMedal.png x3
Defeat 20 bosses GuildMedal.png x5
Defeat 25 bosses GuildMedal.png x3
Defeat 30 bosses GuildMedal.png x5
Defeat 35 bosses GuildMedal.png x3
Defeat 39 bosses GuildMedal.png x10
Defeat 45 bosses GuildMedal.png x3
Defeat 50 bosses GuildMedal.png x5

Guild Medal Exchange

Exchange Guild Medals for items. You can double check the amount of event items you have by tapping on the Items (Hp item.png) on the home screen and selecting the Event tab on the far-right. Guild Medals earned will be carried over to future events.

Event Costumes

Noble Idol
Hairstyle Noble Idol Miku.png Noble Idol Rin.png Noble Idol Len.png Noble Idol Luka.png Noble Idol Kaito.png Noble Idol Meiko.png
Costume Noble Idol Girls.png Noble Idol Boys.png
Magical Item Coid 88.jpg Stick Light Orange.png Stick Light Yellow.png Stick Light Pink.png Stick Light Blue.png Stick Light Red.png
  • All hairstyles cost 10 medals. Can only buy 5 each.
  • All costumes cost 30 medals. You can buy 20(Girls) and 10(Boys) each.
  • All Stick Lights cost 10 medals. You can buy 5 each.
Catharsis=Nurse/Catharsis Doctor & Patterned Umbrellas
Hairstyle Catharsis=Nurse Miku.png Catharsis=Nurse Rin.png Catharsis=Doctor Len.png Catharsis=Nurse Luka.png Catharsis=Doctor Kaito.png Catharsis=Nurse Meiko.png
Costume Catharsis=Nurse Girls.png Catharsis=Doctor Boys.png
Magical Item Checkered Umbrella.png Argyle Umbrella.png Star Pattern Umbrella.png Flower Pattern Umbrella.png Striped Umbrella.png
  • All hairstyles cost 10 medals. Can only buy 5 each.
  • All costumes cost 30 medals. Can only buy 20(Girls) and 10(Boys) each.
  • All umbrellas cost 10 medals. You can buy 42 each.
Dog Pajamas / Cat Pajamas / Juice
Hairstyle Dog Pajamas Miku.png Dog Pajamas Rin.png Cat Pajamas Len.png Dog Pajamas Luka.png Cat Pajamas Kaito.png Dog Pajamas Meiko.png
Costume Dog Pajamas Girls.png Cat Pajamas Boys.png
Magical Item Coid 83.jpg Apple Juice.png Grape Juice.png Peach Juice.png Lemon Juice.png Strawberry Juice.png
  • All hairstyles cost 10 medals. Can only buy 5 each
  • All costumes cost 30 medals. Can only buy 20(Girls) and 10(Boys) each.
  • All juices cost 20 medals. Can buy 12 each.
Girls Strawberry / Boys Cranberry / Ice Cream
Hairstyle Girls Strawberry Miku.png Girls Strawberry Rin.png Boys Cranberry Len.png Girls Strawberry Luka.png Boys Cranberry Kaito.png Girls Strawberry Meiko.png
Costume Girls Strawberry Girls.png Boys Cranberry Boys.png
Magical Item Coid 309.jpg King Ice Cream.png Princess Ice Cream.png Queen Ice Cream.png Knight Ice Cream.png Villain Ice Cream.png
  • All hairstyles cost 10 medals. Can only buy 5 each
  • All costumes cost 30 medals. Can only buy 20(Girls) and 10(Boys) each.
  • All ice creams cost 20 medals. Can buy 12 each.
Hairstyle Halloween Devil Miku.png Halloween Devil Rin.png Halloween Devil Len.png Halloween Devil Luka.png Halloween Devil Kaito.png Halloween Devil Meiko.png
Costume Halloween Devil Girls.png Halloween Devil Boys.png
Magical Item Devil Lance.png Poison Lance.png Dark Lance.png Silver Lance.png Golden Lance.png Legendary Harpoon.jpg
  • All hairstyles cost 10 medals. Can only buy 5 each
  • All costumes cost 30 medals. Can only buy 20(Girls) and 10(Boys) each.
  • All lance/harpoon cost 5 medals. Can buy 66 each.
Cafe de Antique/Cups
Hairstyle Cafe de Antique Miku.png Cafe de Antique Rin.png Cafe de Antique Len.png Cafe de Antique Luka.png Cafe de Antique Kaito.png Cafe de Antique Meiko.png
Costume Cafe de Antique Girls.png Cafe de Antique Boys.png
Magical Item 900131 Preview.png 900132 Preview.png 900133 Preview.png 900134 Preview.png 900135 Preview.png An Extra Teacup.jpg
  • All hairstyles cost 10 medals. Can only buy 5 each
  • All costumes cost 30 medals. Can only buy 20(Girls) and 10(Boys) each.
  • All cups cost 30 medals. Can buy 12 each.
Item Amount Limit
Polar Bear.png 30 30
Christmas Tree.png 30 30

Overall Notes

  • Exchange limit carries over between events


Item Amount Limit
Luka - Good Night
Stamp 400006.png 20 1
Rin - Snicker
Stamp 200007.png 20 1

Other Goods

Exchange limit for the items listed below reset upon the start of each Guild Battle.

Item Amount Limit
High Angel Music Note 8 1
High Angel Music Note 12 1
Queen Angel Music Note 30 1
Angel fragment.png 2 30
Icon song score.png 1 10
Icon defense score.png 1 10
Icon hp score.png 1 10
Gacha ticket.png 3 5
Lb mikucoin.png 2 20
King Metal Music Note 1 None
GPx39000 1 None

Guild Ranking

1~3 4~10 11~39 40~100
Event Title x1 - - -
GuildMedal.png x20 x10 x5 x3
God Metal Music Note x5 x4 x3 x2
Icon song score.png x2 x2 x1 x1
Icon defense score.png x2 x2 x1 x1
Icon hp score.png x2 x2 x1 x1
  • Event titles are based on when the event took place and what place the guild got.
    • Example: A guild taking 2nd place in June's Guild Battle will be given the title "June 2019 Guild Battle 2nd Place"