Boys Cranberry (KAITO)

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Boys Cranberry
Initial Max Rank
Boys Cranberry Kaito.png Boys Cranberry Kaito Max.png
Index No.
Max Rank ★5
Type Hairstyle
Cost 10 (Max 14)
Worn By UIKaito.jpg
Costume Effect
How to obtain:
Guild Battle
Girls Strawberry / Boys Cranberry / Ice Cream
Hairstyle Girls Strawberry Miku.png Girls Strawberry Rin.png Boys Cranberry Len.png Girls Strawberry Luka.png Boys Cranberry Kaito.png Girls Strawberry Meiko.png
Costume Girls Strawberry Girls.png Boys Cranberry Boys.png
Magical Item Coid 309.jpg King Ice Cream.png Princess Ice Cream.png Queen Ice Cream.png Knight Ice Cream.png Villain Ice Cream.png